Episode 10

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The Chinese Gong: The Stefan Claypool, King of China Edition

This story starts with a stock vintage script but then enters the insane mind of Dr. Giardina. A magic gong leads a southern couple (played by Katie Zurbach and Bill Noble) through a run in with the law and then worse, a terrible encounter with a man-eater (the undead Sally Salmonella, played by Rachel Goodgal). With a little help from their friends: John and Evylen (George Heinrichs and Rachel Goodgal), not to mention Chinese antique dealer and European chef (played by David Seamans), James Brooker (played by Steve Barash) and a brief cameo by Batman himself, see where this couple’s adventures lead them… namely a world without men. This story is framed by Mr. First Nighter played by Steve Barash and announced by Andrew McDonald. Written by Arch Oboler with a special ending by Charles Giardina. Directed by Charles Giardina.