Episode 9

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Katie Gill’s Book Reviews: The Nativity Story

Katie Gill recaps The Nativity Story (aka the birth of Jesus) in her own…unique style. ¬†Written, starring and directed by Katie Gill.

The Gift of the Magi

In this classic heartwarming Christmas tale, a young couple learns the true meaning of Christmas and how it is much better to give than to receive. Runtime 11:24

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I’m Dreaming of a Mad Santa

Ever wonder what the love-child of Inception and A Christmas Carol would sound like? You’re about to find out. Join Charles Giardina as Jack Frost and Adrienne Losch as Christmas Carol in I’m Dreaming of a Mad Santa, the thrilling prequel to Chris Kringle: Soldier of Fortune and Oh Little Town of Dethlehem, written and directed by David Seamans with the help of Izzy Nuttall and Cynthia Wang. Runtime — 58:19

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